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Our belief: Risk-adjusted returns can be gained by using a combination of fundamental and technical strategies. Our proprietary system deploys multiple systematic strategies simultaneously in order to diversify and realize short- and long-term gains with a diligent concentration on risk management.

Our expertise: With more than 40 years of combined trading experience and systematic program development, we offer our clients a unique skillset aimed at generating optimal results.

Our Strategy: VIX Capital’s Multi-Strategy Fund uses 2 distinct trading methodologies:

      •  The Long/Short Segment of the strategy applies both fundamental and technical analysis which is intended to produce superior risk-adjusted returns, maintain low volatility and position the fund to perform well, regardless of market conditions.
      •  The Systematic Options Segment of the strategy is designed to generate a smooth equity curve and generate returns uncorrelated with the general stock market (S&P 500).
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Gabriel Joseph

Gabriel Joseph


Gabriel leads the strategic direction of the firm and is responsible for general oversight of corporate operations. Prior to joining VIX Capital, Gabriel spent eight years in retail brokerage. His experience includes investment banking, private equity, oil futures trading, blockchain technologies, digital asset mining, ICO’s and discount blockchain trading.


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